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You can’t have your head in the cloud unless your feet are on the ground

PTS has been planning, designing, building, and operating client premise-based enterprise network systems, from the ground up, since 1998. Today, PTS is proud to have built and currently operates its own data center to facilitate delivery of a full suite of Cloud Services. PTS’ Cloud Services are based on its own, in-house developed, P‑POD™ approach and strategy. P‑POD™ represents a flexible approach to deliver converged IT infrastructure in a solution geared for small and mid-size enterprise requirements. The PTS P‑POD™ system is built on highly secure, reliable, and best-in-class infrastructure blocks from leading IT manufacturers.

PTS is able to deliver high quality, cost-effective solutions specifically designed for enterprise clients. We can provide cloud (shared), private cloud (dedicated), and hybrid cloud (mixed) servers, SAN, and desktop infrastructure.

Secure Multi-Tenant Environment

  • Shared Secure Network, Compute, and Storage Resources
  • Dedicated Organizational Virtual Data Center (oVDC)
  • Cloud Management Interface
  • Multi-Data Center Backup & Replication Options
Secure Dedicated Cloud Environment

  • Dedicated Compute and Storage Resources
  • Dedicated Provider Virtual Data Center (pVDC)
  • Dedicated Virtual SAN Interface (VSI) to CIFS, NFS, or iSCSI
  • Cloud Management Interface
  • Multi-Data Center Backup & Replication Options
Shared or Dedicated Hyperconverged Environment

  • Hyperconverged Compute, Storage, Backup, & Replication
  • Global Deduplication, Hardware Acceleration, and Global Federated Management
  • Dedicated Environment or oVDC
  • Cloud Management Interface
  • Multi-Data Center Backup & Replication Options
Dedicated Environment

  • On-Premise Delivered & Built Converged IT, Facility, & Cabling Solution
  • Multiple Converged IT Infrastructure Options
  • Customized Space, Power, Cooling, Fire Protection, and Monitoring Options
  • Customized Copper and/or Fiber Deployment Options
  • Deployed to Any Data Center

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